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What is Twitter

Connect with people

At the heart of Twitter are short messages called Tweets. Strike up conversations with people you know and people you’d like to know.

Your friends and family

Stay in touch with people close to you as life happens.

People who share your interests

Follow what’s happening in your neighborhood, your profession or your hobby.

People you’d like to know

See life from the perspective of your favorite actor, musician or sports star.

Express yourself

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Learn the basics

Twitter lets everyone share openly. You can express your thoughts quickly and easily.


Speak your mind

Witness something amazing? Tweet it. Share what you see, feel and experience as it happens, and other people can share it with you no matter where they are.


Picture your life

Tweets can be more than words; add your own photos, videos and links. Share your view from the top of the world or down the street.


Make a connection

Conversations on Twitter are spontaneous and casual. Chime in with a comment or tell someone you liked what they said by retweeting it or marking it as a favorite.

Discover what’s happening

Get more from Twitter

Learn the basics

If it’s happening in the world, it’s happening on Twitter. Hear and share your opinion on global events, breaking news and local trends.